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  1. The number of privately owned cars in the former East Germany is expected to double between 1990 and 2005, and the number of commercial vehicles to increase six-fold in the same period.
  2. In recent days, lines have eased as stations developed a coupon system for rationing gas and the government forbade the sale of compressed natural gas to privately owned cars, but the shortage remains.
  3. About 49 % of such workers in tech would have their own private car if they did not have these shuttles available to them, decreasing the amount of privately owned cars in the area.
  4. At a news briefing, Patten said the real point of difference between the British and Chinese sides is over civil cases, such as an accident between a privately owned car and a Chinese army truck.
  5. He is associated with Morgan Motor Company, driving a privately owned car ( not the Morgan Aero 8 as in the 2004 24 Hours of Le Mans ) in the 24 Hours N黵burgring each year.


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