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  1. The soldiers didn't attempt to break up the demonstrations, but have stepped in to prevent the unrest from escalating into hijackings of privately owned cars and robberies of passersby, a Western diplomat said, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.
  2. In contrast, the larger Fort Morgan, a privately owned car ferry, has been leased for $ 450 an hour, a $ 324, 000 monthly tab that will add up to nearly $ 1 million by December, the engineer said.
  3. Usually, as Matu people are friendly and considerate, you may even be able to hitch a ride with those traveling by privately owned cars just by simply asking them or by paying a small amount of money to help cover for the gas cost.
  4. Renewing a decade-old push to regulate commercial bicyclists, city lawmakers are considering a bill to require messenger services, restaurants and other firms that deliver by bicycle to carry $ 50, 000 in liability insurance coverage per cyclist _ twice the legal minimum for taxis and privately owned cars.
  5. Privately owned cars, though less in number and usage compared to other large cities in India, are growing by leaps and bounds and are slowly becoming the transport of choice for a large number of people being helped by the growing economy, higher per capita income and the easy availability of loans from financial institutions.


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