rabbits and haresの例文


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  1. Once contact is made, rabbits and hares will often kick or try to bite the eagle but escape is unlikely once they are pinned to the ground.
  2. The family Leporidae ( rabbits and hares ) is easily the most significant prey group, comprising about 32 % of prey known to be taken by golden eagles.
  3. Game caused much damage to crops, and a persistent complaint among the rural population was not being allowed to kill rabbits and hares to defend crops and garden vegetables.
  4. Adult " T . serialis " are parasites of carnivores, particularly dogs, with herbivorous lagomorph mammals such as rabbits and hares, serving as intermediate hosts.
  5. Also, the extinction of " P . sardus " may be partly because of the transmission of pathogens by rabbits and hares introduced to Sardinia and Corsica by the Romans.


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