rabbits and haresの例文


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  1. In one diorama of rabbits, we learn : " If the snipped twigs look like they were cut with pruning shears close to the ground, they were eaten by rabbits and hares.
  2. The colonists arrived in America with nothing but good culinary feelings toward rabbit and hare, but no sooner had they cleared enough land to graze cattle than they changed their ways, largely for practical reasons.
  3. Now nearly barren, the hills are said to have been thickly covered in trees and thorny thickets, with lots of wild olive trees, and in this forest roamed dear, partridges, rabbits and hares.
  4. "P . sardus " became extinct on the islands of Sardinia and Corsica due to the introduction of new predators ( dogs, cats and small mustelids ) and ecological competitors ( rabbits and hares ).
  5. The UK government's response to the call for bans on hunting, notably rabbit and hare coursing, has historically been to show its support for the interests of farmers, according to political historian Michael Tichelar.


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