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  1. Muralist Arturo Garcia Bustos, one of a dwindling group of former students and close friends of Kahlo, also liked the film, although he felt it exaggerated the raciness of Kahlo's bohemian life for commercial effect.
  2. A provocative raciness and a facility with quip and proverb made him the ideal inciter of controversy and the records of these associations are a mine of his sayings, which Old Guy's Men will at once recognise as'Pembreyisms '.
  3. Everywhere in the Village, free speech defined bohemian sophistication _ bounding from one subject to another, ostentatiously eclectic, touching on politics and art one moment and churning up neighborhood gossip the next, always edged with a sexual raciness that was taboo in polite society.
  4. And there's Gabrielle ( Eva Longoria ), who married a rich businessman but feels ignored and is getting even by spending too much time with the 17-year-old gardener . ( The show's raciness has led several advertisers to pull out, but they were quickly replaced .)
  5. Apart from the raunchy blues wailer " Rocks in My Bed, " performed by Ramsey and Derricks-Carroll with exhilarating comic abandon, the show's creators give a very wide berth to anything that might smack of sexual raciness or ethnic caricature _ an understandable instinct that nonetheless cramps their material.


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