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  1. Earnhardt will share the No . 8 Corvette C5-R with road-racing ace Boris Said, making the first time a full-time NASCAR premier series driver has raced in the ALMS.
  2. Despite poor funding the youngster was highly impressive beating the'works'teams on a number of occasions and culminating in being awarded the Motorsport News Race Ace award for his performance at Donington Park.
  3. Villeneuve, Williams'new, young Canadian signing and son of late race ace Gilles Villeneuve, drove only four laps around the 4.36-kilometer ( 2.709-mile ) track.
  4. Canadian road-racing ace Ron Fellows gained the lead with 29 laps to go Sunday, withstood a late caution and easily beat Greg Biffle to win the GNC Live Well 200 at Watkins Glen International.
  5. His most recent book, published in 2011, is a military biography " Racing Ace-The Fights and Flights of " Kink " Kinkead DSO DSC * DFC * ", published in 2011.


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