racing across americaの例文


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  1. The episode concluded with a race across America to the Mexican border with the loser being given the task to review the first ever Mexican sports car in the following episode.
  2. That summer, she won the Race Across America as part of a team of four, and in 1996 Freedman was named the Best US Up-and-Coming Racer.
  3. Four of the riders formed the first women's team to enter the Race Across America, and won the 2, 300-mile race in six days and 12 hours.
  4. Forkas has also competed in numerous Ironman Triathlon events, mountain bike, ultra-marathon and ultra-cycling competitions and successfully completed the 2012 3, 000 mile Race Across America.
  5. Souza returned to the duathlon in 2005 and since then has participated in several long-haul and ultra-long-distance racing events, such as the 2006 Race Across America.


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