racing aircraftの例文


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  1. The JM-2 was further developed into the one-of-a-kind racing aircraft, the Miller-Bohannon JM-2 Pushy Galore.
  2. The "'Hanriot D . I "'was a French monoplane racing aircraft, designed in France in 1912 and strongly influenced by Nieuport practice.
  3. First flown in March 1934 in the prototype of the Percival Mew Gull racing aircraft, the engine was also used in the Spartan Arrow biplane and the Percival Gull.
  4. Upon the type's withdrawal from military service, a large number of Sea Furies were sold onto private individuals, often as a racing aircraft due to its high speed.
  5. The Whittington brothers also raced aircraft at the Reno Air Races, including the highly modified P-51D " Precious Metal ", which set a qualifying record of in 1976.


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