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  1. It was painted in a blue-and-cream scheme of the type used on racing aircraft of the day, and its rudder bore the colors of the Italian flag.
  2. Guthrie replaced his Vega Gull with the Percival Mew Gull, a dedicated racing aircraft, in 1937, and in the same year, he was awarded his commercial pilot license.
  3. The "'Sharp DR 90 Nemesis "'is a Formula One racing aircraft designed by Jon Sharp and built at the Mojave Airport by the Nemesis Air Racing Team.
  4. Travel Air was also responsible for a series of very successful racing aircraft, which due to Travel Air being extremely secretive, were named " Mystery Ships " by the press.
  5. The "'Cassutt Special "'is a tiny single-seat racing aircraft designed in the United States in 1951 for Formula One air races and still available for homebuilding.


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