racing aircraftの例文


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  1. Despite the Baby's abandonment, it formed the basis for the Supermarine Sea Lion I racing aircraft, which flew in the 1919 Schneider Trophy, and the Supermarine Sea King fighter.
  2. The "'Letov ` -8 "'was a Czech racing aircraft designed by Letov . The aircraft's frame was completely wooden, and covered mostly by cloth.
  3. The "'Verville-Packard R-1 Racer "'was a military racing aircraft that was modified from Alfred V . Verville's previous Verville VCP-1 design.
  4. The Deperdussin Monocoque was a development of an earlier racing aircraft designed by Louis B閏hereau which was first flown at the end of 1911 and was the first aircraft to exceed 100 mph in level flight.
  5. The "'Deperdussin Monocoque "'was an early racing aircraft built in 1912 by the Gordon Bennett Trophy in 1912 and 1913, and for raising the world speed record for aircraft to.


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