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  1. Bourgeault disbanded the party and invited its members to join the MSA one by one and the new " Ralliement national " in the newly founded " Parti Qu閎閏ois ", under L関esque's leadership.
  2. The Ralliement national ( RN ), led by Gilles Gr間oire, and the Rassemblement pour l'ind閜endance nationale ( RIN ), led by Pierre Bourgault and Hubert Aquin, were founded in 1960 and quickly became political parties.
  3. After a merger with the Ralliement national led by Gilles Gr間oire, the Sovereignty-Association Movement founded a new provincial political party, the Parti Qu閎閏ois, which placed Ren?L関esque's Sovereignty-Association idea at the heart of its program.
  4. In 1968, Ren?L関esque's Mouvement souverainet?association joined forces with the Rassemblement pour l'ind閜endance nationale and the Ralliement national to create the Parti Qu閎閏ois; Quebec's provincial political party that has since espoused the province's sovereignty.
  5. The " Ralliement national " was formed in 1966 following a merger between the "'Regroupement national "'( a dissident wing of Bourgault's RIN ) and a pro-independence group that broke away from the Ralliement des cr閐itistes in 1965.


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