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  1. Cannons fired continuously from the front end, leaving thousands of Hindus dead, and at that point an elephant belonging to Ahmadnagar pushed Rama Raya out of his litter.
  2. Tirumala Deva Raya, Rama Raya's younger brother who was the sole surviving commander, left Vijayanagara for Penukonda with vast amounts of treasure on the back of 1500 elephants.
  3. Next Naidu in the line was "'Bangaru Thimma Naidu "'who gave shelter to Aliya Rama Raya, the son-in-law of Krishna Deva Raya.
  4. When Rama Raya was killed in the Talikota battle in 1565 he immediately emptied the treasury and fled the capital to taking with him the Royal family and the minor crown prince Sadasiva Raya.
  5. Rama Raya's death at the Battle of Rakasa-Tangadi ( also known as the Battle of Talikota ) in 1565 led to the destruction of Vijayanagar by the Muslim states of Bijapur.


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