reef aquariumの例文


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  1. After several years of development, he participated in a test of a large algae scrubber on the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium : " The Reef Tank represents the first application of algal scrubber technology to large volume aquarium systems.
  2. In 2005, a large new area was opened called the Brazos River Country, featuring a saltwater reef aquarium, a large swampland habitat, and many other native Texas type habitats, featuring numerous species found within the state.
  3. The Australian Adventure area features the beautiful Great Barrier Reef aquarium, Tasmanian devils, a walk-through kangaroo yard, and the screened-in Walkabout, where my daughters were entranced by the hundreds of colorful birds flying all around them.
  4. Growing up in the Ayer a few miles south of the nation's largest tropical city and home of the largest coral reef aquarium in the world, Webb says now, " I was a bit of a tomboy ."
  5. The new Conservancy Nature Center now includes a brand new von Arx Wildlife Hospital, Easton Conservation Hall with the Jeannie Meg Smith Theater, an interactive Dalton Discovery Center with a 5, 000 gallon patch-reef aquarium and touch-tank.


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