reef aquariumsの例文


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  1. This style of protein skimmer has become very popular and is believed to be the most popular type of skimmer used with residential reef aquariums today.
  2. The ? million plan by Newquay firm Blue Reef Aquarium, intended to provide a site for tropical marine and freshwater creatures, which opened in October 2009.
  3. These are also toxic and this sea cucumber is not recommended to be kept in a reef aquarium because the water may become toxic to its other animal occupants.
  4. Many soft corals are easily collected in the wild for the reef aquarium hobby, as small cuttings are less prone to infection or damage during shipping than stony corals.
  5. While very useful to reef aquarium keepers, halide lighting also uses a lot of electricity ( 150-400 watts being common ) and produces copious amounts of heat.


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