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  1. In the last decade he was involved in resident action groups and was elected chairman of the " Ultimo Precinct Committee " in Sydney.
  2. Despite strong opposition by residents action groups and the Yarra City council, the project won approval at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ( VCAT ).
  3. However, he was strongly rebuked by the Lower Ormeau Residents Action Group, a residents'association with Sinn F閕n links, for seemingly justifying the killings with this claim.
  4. In November 2012, Pidcock married the former City of Sydney councillor and Deputy Lord Mayor, Architect and Planner, John McInerney; chair of the Millers Point Residents Action Group.
  5. In the mid 1990s a group of local residents formed the Cantonment Hill Residents Action Group for the return of site to the City of Fremantle as per the original gift of 1892.


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