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  1. The planned scuttling of the Australian frigate at Avoca Beach, New South Wales in March 2010 was placed on hold after resident action groups aired concerns about possible impact on the area's tides and that the removal of dangerous substances from the ship was not thorough enough.
  2. A free community lunch ( Good Tucker Day ) is held in the reserve opposite the saw mill each Tuesday and there is a residents group ( Millgrove Residents Action Group MRAG ) as well as an environment group, MERG . Millgrove has an active and dedicated fire brigade ( CFA ).
  3. Elements of the WestConnex scheme encountered strident opposition from a range of stakeholders, among them academics, architects, resident action groups, an industry group, local councils, a developer lobby, the Australian Labor Party and the Lord Mayor Clover Moore, who commissioned a report to Council on the project.
  4. The Boroondara Residents Action Group worked with architects McGauran Giannini Soon to provide alternative ideas for developing the air-space over the railway station and yard, that were more in-keeping with their views of community preferences, including a small public plaza and a new public library, with some small-scale shops.
  5. "Your house acts as a kind of chimney " for the vapors, which have tested positive for the contaminant trichloroethene, or TCE, said Alan Turnbull, 69, who in 2002 created the Residents Action Group of Endicott, also known as RAGE, after his wife, Donna Turnbull, 57, was found to have throat cancer.


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