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  1. The bird was brought to Last Chance Forever by an agent with the U . S . Fish and Wildlife Service, according to Jim Stinebaugh, senior resident agent in San Antonio.
  2. "This case is a reflection of what has been going on, " said Dominick Polifrone, resident agent in charge of the Newark office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
  3. Only in 1634 did the Spanish government begin to gain a picture of the extent of the plot, through revelations made by Balthazar Gerbier, Charles I of England's resident agent in Brussels.
  4. Brian Falvey, resident agent in charge of the Milwaukee U . S . Customs Service, said Choudhury was indicted after the agency set up a fake Austrian business actually run from Milwaukee.
  5. Turner pursued a degree in Forensic Psychology, and left the New York Division to become the first female Senior Resident Agent ( SRA ) in the FBI, assigned to Minot, North Dakota.


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