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  1. The trade deficit with China-- a rising economic power that has rivaled Japan as a source of trade tension with the U . S . in recent months-- has been on the increase since the mid 1980s.
  2. The U . S . trade deficit with China-- a rising economic power that has often replaced Japan as source of trade tension in recent months-- rose to $ 3.060 billion in May from 2.335 billion in April.
  3. The " Gen . Douglas MacArthur " school argued that the Japanese may have found the secret of success but they had rigged the game by closing off their markets to others, and the right policy was to beat down their walls and contain their rising economic power.
  4. He is handling the affairs of the hottest commodity in boxing and, having realized early the rising economic power of Hispanic fight fans, he has catered to it with popular champions such as Oscar De La Hoya, Erik Morales, and Genaro Hernandez as well as young prospects such as Daniel Santos.
  5. He spent five days courting India, the region's democratic colossus and rising economic power, with the ardor of a smitten suitor _ and half a day treating Pakistan, America's Cold War ally and a nation yet again ruled by generals, like an old girlfriend who is part of the past.


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