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  1. Margaret of Villehardouin, for her own part, arranged the marriage of her daughter, Isabella of Sabran, to Ferdinand of Majorca, a member of the House of Aragon and opponent of the Angevins.
  2. On Isabella's death, however, Ferdinand of Majorca laid claim to the principality in right of his wife, Isabella of Sabran, the daughter of Isabella's younger sister Margaret of Villehardouin.
  3. Born in Sanary-sur-Mer, Ernest Blanc studied at the Music Conservatory of Toulon with Sabran, from 1946 to 1949 . He made his debut in Marseille, as Tonio, in 1950.
  4. Built against a hill overlooking a plain covered with vineyards with the Rhone valley in the distance, the town was once part of the medieval domain of the Sabran family, vassals to the Count of Toulouse.
  5. The town that grew up around it took the name San Elizario, which is a corruption of San Elceario ( Spanish for Saint Elzear ); Saint Elz閍r of Sabran is the Roman Catholic patron saint of soldiers.


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