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  1. Towards the end of the fifteenth century, the House of Nicolay was divided into two branches, the first known as the Barons De Sabran, established in Ard鑓he and the other, The Marquis de Goussainville, in the 蝜e-de-France.
  2. Jean de Nicolay ( named the first in the will of his father ) became the author of the branch of the House of Nicolay referred to as the Marquis de Goussainville and Raymond de Nicolay became the author of the branch of the Baronnie de Sabran.
  3. She captured the privateer " Vainqueen " on 12 July 1757, and fought with Edward Boscawen against Jean-Fran鏾is de La Clue-Sabran at the Battle of Lagos on 19 August 1759 . She was sold at Deptford in 1762 to private adventurers.
  4. Her paternal grandparents were Bertrand III of Baux, Count of Andria and Squillace, and Marguerite d'Aulnay, and her maternal grandparents were Nicola Orsini, Count of Nola, Senator of Rome ( 27 August 1331  14 February 1399 ), and Jeanne de Sabran.
  5. Eug鑞e Nyon also collaborated with several magazines, including " Revue pour tous ", under the name Am閐閑 Achard, and the " ", which he contributed Parisian chronicles under the name " Countess of Sabran " and of which he was the director for a time.


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