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  1. Sabras Radio is available on 1260AM in the whole of the East Midlands and parts of others including Birmingham, Coventry and as far south as Milton Keynes.
  2. Sabras Radio has the station to undertake a wide range of activities including many significant outside broadcasts and for important religious and cultural events such as Diwali, Ramadan and Vaisakhi.
  3. Sabras Radio is regarded by many in the industry as the pioneers of Asian radio in the UK . This pioneering radio station enjoys one of the largest average listening hours and is listened to by a large section of its target audience in the region.
  4. GEM's medium wave broadcasts to Nottinghamshire on 999 kHz and Derbyshire on 945 kHz were initially supplemented by transmissions on 1260 kHz to Leicestershire, but this last frequency was later given over to programming for Leicester's large Asian population ( Sunrise Radio later Sabras Radio ).


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