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  1. On 19 August, a " Guardian " reporter confirmed the end of fighting in Sabratha; according to him, the fighting there lasted three days, ending on 16 August.
  2. They have performed extensively throughout Europe, including the Montreux Jazz Festival, in 2004, and in North Africa, including a concert on 29 June 2004 at the Sabratha Roman amphitheatre in Libya.
  3. What Americans are going to discover with amazement is how much is left standing in Leptis Magna, 75 miles east of Tripoli, and in Sabratha, 50 miles to the west of the capital.
  4. For what happened on this coast of golden sandstone after Rome collapsed and after Muslim conquerors swept over the region in the seventh century was that nature sealed Leptis Magna and Sabratha under a blanket of sand.
  5. Sabratha, 45 minutes west of Tripoli, the capital, was first inhabited by the Phoenicians in the sixth century B . C . and also boasts a Roman theater restored in the 1920s by Italian experts.


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