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  1. Pray, little one, that the world's decision-makers come to understand the gravity of your plight, and please scoot over a bit to make way for No . 6, 000, 000, 001.
  2. With no other way to reach the far side of the L-shaped table _ actually many tables shoved together _ the waiters carry the chairs out the front door and hand them through a side door . Then everyone scoots over to make room.
  3. Because of its short wheelbase ( 97.1 inches ) and overall length ( 141.3 inches ) and light weight ( about 2, 500 pounds ), the little ragtop is a sweet-handling sprite that scoots over pavement the way a waterbug glides over a placid stream.
  4. The next try was going to be a pivotal one whichever way it went and it went to Wigan on 49 minutes as Michael McIlorum threw a dummy at the play the ball which fooled Warrington's defence and he was able to scoot over the line with Richards'conversion reducing the deficit to 16-12.
  5. "When you're next to Ian Crocker and he does his dolphin kick and he's already a half a body length ahead, you're like,'Oh, man, "'said Josh Davis, who ran into Crocker in the prelims of the 100 . " Then you think, scoot over to the lane line, try to ride that wave as long as you can.


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