seam bowlingの例文


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  1. The score would prove more than enough for the Bears as they succumbed to the seam bowling attack of the Rams with just 67 on board.
  2. This aligns with the unpredictable nature of seam bowling, but appears primarily driven by the technique of the bowler, rather than irregularities in the pitch surface.
  3. Earlier, Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly won the toss and put Australia in to bat first in overcast conditions that were helpful to swing and seam bowling.
  4. New Zealand test hopefuls Geoff Allott and Heath Davis picked up four wickets apiece as England's batsmen failed to cope with some lively, penetrative seam bowling.
  5. "It was a very difficult decision to omit Anil but we felt the pitch would favor seam bowling more than spin, " captain Sourav Ganguly explained.


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