seam bowlingの例文


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  1. With the New Zealand pitches favorable to seam bowling, Caddick and Andrew Flintoff were recalled, with off-spinner Martyn Ball and seamer Richard Johnson dropped.
  2. England's four-pronged medium pace attack vindicated skipper Michael Atherton's decision to field, bowling a nagging line and length in helpful conditions for seam bowling.
  3. Although the recent wet weather in Lahore may be conducive to seam bowling, Ranatunga's decision to send Australia in to bat came as a surprise.
  4. It was a surprise move by the Mark Taylor, given a slightly overcast morning and a fairly grassed pitch providing conditions condusive to seam bowling.
  5. Sri Lanka's new opening pair of left handers Mubarak and Michael Vandort put on 60 on a pitch that was expected to assist seam bowling.


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