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  1. To create a glamorous air in the dancing of traditional folk songs , the hanhaba obi made of nishiki (brocade ) is often used for yukata with an unified picture across the entire canvas of the kimono , which is not interrupted at the seams .
  2. Ishikiate is a square piece of thick cloth for the reinforcement of an unlined garment; it prevents the seams from coming apart and is applied from the back (inside ) to the part that presses against the wearer ' s hip .
  3. A wooden matowaku can easily have a warp and damage , and players have a difficulty in pulling out an arrow which gets stuck in a seam , where both the ends of a wooden strip are fixed; besides , it sometimes hurts the arrows .
  4. The misaligned seams of the paper between the two right panels and the four left panels on the right screen and between the three right panels and the three left panels on the left screen suggest that the paper was meant for drafts .


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