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  1. A kimono with sides that are not seamed and mae-migoro (front main panel ) and ushiro-migoro (back main panel ) are separated , and the right and the left of the ushiro-migoro is stitched at the back and is long .
  2. From inside to outside , it consists of kosode , oguchi bakama , ue no hakama , hitoe , hanpi , shitagasane , ketteki no ho (open sleeve seams outer robe ), and sekitai .
  3. In addition , at kamo festival this okatabira had used until recently , but nowadays an okatabira with the same yuki (distance from the seam in the back of a kimono to the end of the sleeve ) as hitoe is used .
  4. The top and bottom of a zabuton can be distinguished by the seam with the top being the side with the central thread tuft protruding and the bottom being the side on which only the seam can be seen
  5. Since an x-ray image shows a vertical seam on the side of main body , it is assumed that the statue , which was originally made of a single tree , was split into two at the back and belly and then hollowed .


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