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  1. "' Dyrkorn "'is a small village in Stordal Municipality in M鴕e og Romsdal county, Norway.
  2. This is the third in a series of three tunnels connecting Sj鴋olt ( in 豶skog Municipality ) to the village of Stordal.
  3. Due to the mountainous landscape, the highway goes through the Dyrkorn Tunnel and Stordal Tunnel in the northern part of the municipality.
  4. Sykkylven Municipality shares land borders with Stordal Municipality to the east, Stranda Municipality to the southeast, and 豶sta Municipality to the southwest.
  5. The village of Sj鴋olt ( in neighboring 豶skog Municipality ) lies about north of Stordal, on the other side of the Stordal Tunnel.


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