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  1. Generally, a P / T ratio less than 0.1 indicates that the measurement system can reliably determine whether any given part meets the tolerance specification.
  2. Of these, twenty showed an advantage to the non-grammar forms, of which five were significant, with a t ratio exceeding 3.0.
  3. Each measurement is taken at three points along the reduced edge ( denoted here by subscript ) and t / T ratios are calculated and averaged to produce the artefact's GIUR value.
  4. It is common to examine the "'P / T ratio "'which is the ratio of the precision of a measurement system to the ( total ) tolerance of the manufacturing process of which it is a part.
  5. If the P / T ratio is larger, it means the measurement system is " eating up " a large fraction of the tolerance, in that the parts that do not have sufficient tolerance may be measured as acceptable by the measurement system.


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