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  1. The difference between the mean increase from first to final essay was 3.694, which had it been feasible to amalgamate the scores of all schools would have yielded a s . e . of 0.616 and a t ratio of 6.00.
  2. Equally, the amalgamation of scores of all schools for each of the eleven main measures in order to produce an estimate of the significance of differences between grammar and non-grammar methods in the shape of a t ratio would, in view of the lack of randomization and of the probably important systematic differences between the schools in this sort of calculation, have been invalid  though it was undertaken.
  3. This gave the tank a high power-to-weight ratio and made it easily the most mobile tank in service, albeit with acute range problems, as the turbine consumed fuel rapidly, even at engine idle . ( Morozov's subsequent parallel development of the T-80UD replaced the gas turbine with a commercial turbo-diesel, to decrease fuel consumption and maintenance . ) In comparison to its anticipated opponent, the M1 has a larger 1, 500 hp ( 1, 120 kW ) gas turbine, but weighs 61 tons compared to the T-80s 42.6 tons, so it has a worse hp / t ratio of 24.5 compared to 27.1 and is less maneuverable than the T-80 ( with GT ).


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