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  1. All round entertainer Des O'Connor was joined on stage by Martine McCutcheon, and dueted with Lionel Richie in a version of " Three Times a Lady ".
  2. "She is three times a lady, the epitome of a lady . . . quiet and confident, " said Wanda Lewis, who taught the Sunday school class Cathy Franks attended.
  3. Having already been styled Lady Howe by dint of her husband's knighthood and then his peerage, it was quipped when she received her own peerage that she was " once, twice, three times a Lady ".
  4. For the " All for You " album in the UK, a cover of " Three Times a Lady " was inserted at the end of side one, but the order of the original 10 songs was unchanged.
  5. In 2003 " Three Times a Lady " was selected by the Books for the Blind ( Talking Books ) program to be transcribed into an audio recording supplied free of charge to people who are blind or visually impaired.


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