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  1. A cover of the Commodores hit " Three Times a Lady " had been released on the UK version of his 1980 album " Different Kinda Different ", which was retitled " All for You ", but the Mathis rendition of the song makes its US debut here.
  2. In 2015, in celebration of her anniversary as a published author, she will reissue earlier out of print romances ( Admission of Love, Heavenly Match, Three Times a Lady, Can't Get Next To You, Let's Do It Again, and Count on This ) as Special 15th Anniversary eBook editions via her own Infinite Ink Books.
  3. He found it easy to write, because " all I had to do was play myself . " In another interview, Richie said that  as opposed to " Three Times a Lady ", which he had dedicated to his ex-wife Brenda  " Just for You " was dedicated to himself, an " introverted perspective " on what had excited him.


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