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  1. The Administrative Vice-Rector of the Universidad del Cauca is the unit responsible for directing, coordinating and supporting the various activities that require human resource management, economic, technological and infrastructure for development and implementation to achieve the function of social institutions.
  2. In the intermediate steps also involved the band of musicians Colombian Air Force, the chamber orchestra of Permanent Board Pro Easter Popayan and the choirs of the Choral Society Obrero-coral Pabon and the Universidad del Cauca interpreting different miserere s songs of the Christian liturgy.
  3. The Vice Presidency Cultural and Welfare is the agency responsible for coordinating and supporting the various initiatives carried out at the Universidad del Cauca and are related to sport, recreation, art, cultural heritage, literature publications, the use of media and health of the university community.
  4. The HERB Project ( Hydrology Ecology and Regional Biodiversity ) in Colombia, described as " a collaborative programme between the Department of Geography, King's College London, UK, the Universidad del Cauca, the CIAT and a number of other research groups in Colombia, " is dedicated to the memory of 羖varo Jos?Negret and continues his work on conservation.
  5. Editorial Universidad del Cauca 2001 ), " Road signs " ( Se馻les de ruta, Arango Editores, 2008 ), " The Dispensable " ( EL fungible, Punto de Lectura 2008 ) and " Z黵ich, Ausfahrt Mord Krimi-Anthologie " ( 2011 ), a global anthology of crime short stories translated into German, made by Paul Ott.


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