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  1. During the Second World War the village, then known as Albrechtsdorf, was the base for a working party ( E342 ) of British and Commonwealth prisoners of war, under the administration of Stalag VIIB / 344 at Aambinowice ( then known as Lamsdorf ) in Poland.
  2. "' German submarine " U-76 " "'was a Type VIIB U-boat of Nazi Germany's " Kriegsmarine " during World War II . She played a minor role in the Battle of the Atlantic, but was destroyed south of Iceland.
  3. Meanwhile the LOT Polish Airlines were seeking a modern passenger plane to replace its ageing fleet of Junkers F . 13 and Fokker F . VIIB / 3m, and PWS-23T was presented to the Department of Aeronautics to compete with the T-600 design by State Aviation Works in June 1928.
  4. The building of Tallinn Airport started on 16 November 1931, and the first test landing was commenced by captain Reissar piloting Estonian Air Force Fokker F . VIIb / 3m from Lasnam鋏 Airfield, later relocated the flights to Tallinn Airport and in 1935 the airport had 6 arrivals and departures on average every day.
  5. In addition, he, along with John Buxton, Peter Conder and others, conducted ornithological work in Oflag VIB in Dossel ( now part of Warburg ) and Oflag VIIB prisoner-of-war camps ., Waterston was the only serving British officer to contribute to a German scientific paper in wartime.


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