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  1. In august of the following year , he played the role of musashibo benkei in " kanjincho " at tokyo-gekijo theatre as well as the role kanemitsu higuchi in the sakaro scene of " hirakana seisuiki ," and inherited the name koshiro matsumoto viii .
  2. The name ' hakuo ' is a name that he adopted in retirement and was rarely used on stage with the exception of his son and grandson ' s name in a succession ceremony , while during his lifetime he was also known as koshiro matsumoto viii .
    「白鸚」の名跡は襲名披露興行の舞台以外にほとんど実績のない事実上の隠居名で、存命中は八代目 松本幸四郎(はちだいめ まつもと こうしろう)として知られた。
  3. He also appeared alongside tsunatayu takemoto viii and yashichi takezawa in " musume kagekiyo yashima nikki " in 1959 in a performance combining the previously incompatible media of kabuki and bunraku puppet theater , for which he was awarded the theatron prize and the mainichi arts prize .
  4. Heizo hasegawa who appeared in shotaro ikenami ' s television period drama " onihei hankacho " only assumed the role as it was said that ikenami took inspiration from koshiro matsumoto viii while writing (the role of onihei was succeeded by hakuo matsumoto i ' s eldest son , kichiemon nakamura ii ).
    また池波正太郎のテレビ時代劇『鬼平犯科帳』で演じた長谷川平蔵は、池波が八代目幸四郎をイメージして書いたといわれるだけに当たり役となった(『鬼平』は次男の中村吉右衛門 (2代目)によって継承されている)。
  5. From the 19th century to the last days of the tokugawa shogunate , famous actors such as utaemon nakamura iii , who was called " kaneru (to serve concurrently )" and an all-round excellent actor , nizaemon kataoka (nanadaime ), nizaemon kataoka viii (hachidaime ), kichizaburo arashi ii (later , rikan arashi i (shodai ), tamizo onoe ii , who was famous for keren performances and gakujuro jitsukawa ii , who was good at wagoto performances , all played an active role .
    19世紀から幕末期にかけて、「兼ねる」役者と呼ばれた万能選手の名人三代目中村歌右衛門や片岡仁左衛門 (7代目)?八代目の片岡仁左衛門 (8代目)、二代目嵐吉三郎(のちの初代嵐璃寛 (初代))、ケレン芸で売り出した二代目尾上多見蔵、和事芸の名人二代目実川額十郎などの名優が活躍した。


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