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  1. Incidentally , there is a plan to install a pedestrian overpass connecting the park to maejima wharf , which has a ferry landing place , as the second phase of the construction , however , the outlook for the construction is still uncertain .
  2. Display of fireworks set off from maizuru kyoiku-tai (maizuru training center ) toward maizuru port and maejima wharf can be easily watched from everywhere because there is nothing blocking the site , with additional effects of the fireworks reflected on the surface of water .
  3. Initially , the ferry arrived at and departed from maizuru-nishi port (maizuru west port ); maejima wharf was constructed in maizuru-higashi port (maizuru east port ) in 1990 as a core wharf for domestic trade and to cope with increased transportation occurring in maizuru-nishi port .
  4. The harbor of hakodate port , which had been shallow since long before , had deposition of sediments so that it became impossible for large vessels to reach the shore; in 1892 , in response to the submission of " proposal for dredging and repairs of hakodate harbor and construction of a dock ," a request for repairs of hakodate harbor , kitagaki directed dredging work of the harbor and construction of sand control dyke , breakwater and lighthouse as well as improvement works including construction of a wharf by reclaiming land from the sea .


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