white ibisの例文


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  1. In addition to the spot-billed pelican, it is an important breeding site for white ibis, openbill stork, night heron, and little cormorant.
  2. The commission also agreed to come up with non-binding guidelines for property owners so there would be fewer instances of white ibis nests being disturbed by development.
  3. These guidelines " need not apply after a colony has not been used by white ibises for more than 10 consecutive years, " the draft says.
  4. Human pollution has affected the behavior of the American white ibis via an increase in the concentrations of methylmercury, which is released into the environment from untreated waste.
  5. In spring straw-necked ibis, Australian white ibis and royal spoonbills form large breeding colonies, sometimes of up to 10, 000-20, 000 birds.


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