white imperialismの例文


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  1. In the poem and in Lindsay's defenses of it, DuPlessis hears Lindsay warning white readers not to be " hoo-doo'd " or seduced by violent African " mumbo jumbo . " This warning seems to suggest that white civilization has been " infected " by African violence; Lindsay thus, in effect, " blames blacks for white violence directed against them . " Conversely, Susan Gubar notes approvingly that " the poem contains lines blaming black violence on white imperialism . " While acknowledging that the poem seems to have given its author and audiences an excuse to indulge in "'romantic racism'or'slumming in slang,'" she also observes that Lindsay was " much more liberal than many of his poetic contemporaries, " and that he seems to have intended a statement against the kind of racist violence perpetrated under Leopold in the Congo.


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