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  1. In " The Arrow Brave and the Deer Maiden " ( ca . 1913 ), a half-white Indian brave, Jack, must withstand the pain inflicted upon him to uphold his honor and win the girl.
  2. Further, Dr . Kunz helped with the 1910 memorial to Mary Jemison,  The White Indian of the Genesee, who is buried at  the ancient Indian Council House of the Senecas located on the grounds of the Letchworth park.
  3. "' White Amazonian Indians "'or "'White Indians "'is a term first applied to sightings or encounters with mysterious white skinned natives of the Amazon Rainforest from the 16th century by Spanish missionaries.
  4. He married Sally Scott-Toole, daughter of King Hagler's daughter and white Indian Trader Matthew Toole, a white man .'The General took the name New River after he killed a great Shawnee chief in battle in 1732.
  5. He had gotten into an all-white high school, just off the Spokane reservation, where he " kept my mouth shut and became a good white Indian " as class president, honor student and captain of the basketball team.


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