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  1. A victory at one of the Golden Gloves Tournaments qualifies a fighter for the nationals, and then, with a bit of luck, Olympic glory.
  2. With a bit of luck, a fifth power plant revving up Tuesday would help light up 50 percent of the city by Wednesday, Behnam said.
  3. "We believe we work well as a unit, we are a good group and with a bit of luck, we can do it again ."
  4. Michael Chang survived a third-set tiebreaker with a bit of luck by beating Mark Philippoussis, 7-5, 3-6, 7-6 ( 9-7 ) at the Paris Open Tuesday.
  5. But he has little doubt that, with a bit of luck Monday, he'll cross the finish line for the 34th consecutive time in the Boston Marathon.


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