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  1. On one occasion , ieyasu gathered naomasa ' s vassals in one place , made naomasa take off his clothes , and , with tears in his eyes , explained each injury left on naomasa ' s body to them (it is said ieyasu always cared about naomasa ' s being injured in battle ).
  2. On may 16 , 1689 , basho and his pupil sora kawai left saitoan (basho ' s hermitage ) in fukagawa , edo (presently koto ward ) to begin the journey to north and on his departure , basho composed the poem reading , ' the spring is passing – the birds all mourn and fishes ' eyes are wet with tears .'
    芭蕉が弟子の河合曾良を伴って、元禄2年3月27日 (旧暦)(新暦1689年5月16日)に江戸深川 (江東区)の採荼庵を出発した(行く春や鳥啼魚の目は泪)。
  3. A poem collected in the hyakunin isshu (a hundred waka poems ) is well known as a love poem: ' the bitterness of your cold attitude makes me pain and cry; my sleeves , which are wet with tears and never dry themselves , remain without decaying as they are; but my reputation is down by superficial gossip about this romance; how frustrating !'
  4. Feeling as if it were a dream ,' and with tears running down her cheeks , hoshi invited shigehira into her house , where shigehira told her what happened to him after he was caught by the enemy , and bit off a wisp of his forelock to hand it to her as a keepsake , saying that he would have preferred to shave his hair to become a priest .
  5. There is a tragic episode in the " heike monogatari " : when his procession passed through the neighborhood of hino where sukeko lived , shigehira requested and was permitted to see his wife a final time; she came to see him , and with tears in both their eyes , shigehira bit off the hairs falling on his forehead and handed them to sukeko .


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