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  1. He visited the soviet union as chairman of the boy scouts of nippon , and when he received rice balls made from rice sent from boy scout members who gave one grain of rice per boy , he ate them with tears in his eyes .
  2. He then asked their female servant to bring and hang his brother ' s haori to pretend that he was there and poured sake , and after he finished , he said as follows and he exchanged sake with tears and left .
  3. Her last words were spoken with tears in her eyes: ' our indebtedness to the late utaisho (yoritomo ) is higher than a mountain and deeper than the ocean; because of the lies of traitors , the emperor has given unjust orders .
  4. At the fujishiro hill , a stone monument inscribed with a poem supposedly composed in memory of arima no miko by an unknown composer stands: ' having walked over the fujishiro hill , the white cloth of my sleeves is wet with tears .'
    藤白坂には、「藤白の み坂を越ゆと 白樽の わが衣手は 濡れにけるかも」(『万葉集』巻9?1675)という皇子を偲んだものとおぼしき作者不詳の歌碑も残っている。
  5. The play was changed to a style of kabuki (traditional drama performed by male actors ) thereafter , and " kawasho " and " shigure no kotatsu " (the coverlet drenched with tears ) which were made by reorganizing its highlights are mainly performed at present .
    後に歌舞伎化され、今日ではその中から見どころを再編した『河庄』(かわしょう)と『時雨の炬燵』(しぐれの こたつ)が主に上演されている。


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