with that being saidの例文


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  1. With that being said, if consensus determines a block is necessary that the length of it be reduced as at least one user has been active in baiting DreamGuy into such behaviors.
  2. The failure of these core systems jeopardizes human well-being in these urban areas, with that being said, it is crucial to maintain them in the face of impending environmental disturbances.
  3. With that being said, the current situation makes me wonder if it is actually not a WP : WORLDWIDE view and needs to be " fixed " to remove any possible systemic bias.
  4. "It's difficult to lose and it's tough to separate, but with that being said, I have to feel good about the way I feel physically,"
  5. With that being said, the most important element that this film lacks is the almost non-existent connection with the audience and the effect is leaving the audience muddled up and confused ."


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