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  1. " nihon onmyodoshi sosetsu " by shuichi murayama compiles the text which was reprinted from the transcript possessed by sonkeikaku-bunko with the addition of unique revision .
  2. Mai is said to be classical kagura (shinto music and dance ) with the addition of arts introduced from china and requires specialist techniques as compared with the dances (odori ) originating from the common people .
  3. The tenryo started from the directly-controlled land of the tokugawa clan during the period of the toyotomi clan ' s regime , and with the addition of territories that were confiscated through such battles as the battle of sekigahara and the seizes of osaka , it was four million goku by the end of the 17th century .
  4. In the last days of the tokugawa shogunate , as the idea of sonno joi (slogan advocating reverence for the emperor and the expulsion of foreigners ) gained momentum , the one containing the names of the three pillar gods with the addition of ' the ise-jingu shrine ' (amaterasu omikami (the sun goddess )) in the center was used .
  5. On the way , he watched for the movement of the ukita clan in kameyama-jo castle , also known as numa-jo castle , now higashi ward , okayama city , where the ukita clan had once resided , making sure that the ukita clan would take sides with the oda forces , and entered into bitchu with 30 ,000-strong troops , with the addition of ukita ' s 10 ,000 soldiers .
    途中、宇喜多氏のかつての居城であった亀山城(別名:沼城、ぬまじょう)(現:岡山市東区 (岡山市))で宇喜多氏の動向を探り、宇喜多氏が織田軍に味方することを確認、宇喜多勢1万を加えて総勢3万の軍勢で備中へ入る。


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