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  1. In 1247 , tokiyori hojo took up arms with the aids of the adachi clan in kamakura .
  2. Now we have returned to find the city has a new king , one who rules with the aid of a powerful girl .
    我々が戻った今 街には新たな王が君臨していた 強力な少女の援護を受け 独自のルールを振りかざす
  3. Esho-kei ' attempted to help the student get a faster and accurate grasp of its texts with the aid of illustrations .
  4. Having seen the circumstances , in leap february godaigo escaped from oki no shima island with the aid of nagatoshi nawa .
  5. With the aid of her mother , the princess moves to a certain place within the imperial court and is recognized by the emperor .


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