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  1. Kaoru tried to see oigimi with the aid of a nyobo (a court lady ), but it was an old nyobo called ben who appeared in front of him instead .
  2. The party led by the vice-ambassador had their vessel repaired with the aid of the tang dynasty , and succeeded in arriving in the ancient capital of nara in the eighth month of the year .
  3. I know you're a student of history , and so you're well aware that our nation's independence was won with the aid of private armies , and we can't survive without them .
    我が国は私設傭兵部隊なしでは 勝ち得なかったことも― 生き残れなかったことも知っている 細菌兵器が簡単に国内に 持ち込まれるような
  4. Unexpectedly , japan chose mexico with which japan had had a diplomatic relation before its national isolation with the aid of a governor-general of the spanish-owned philippines .
  5. Around 1574 , the amago remnant corps captured castles in inaba province , and secured wakasa oniga-jo castle and ichiba-jo castle with the aid of munekage uragmi , who was on oda ' s side .


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