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  1. While the art of noh itself faced extinction and a difficult time when stages , costumes and masks to perform were not as available as they had been , he continued to perform noh with the aid of kuro tomoharu hosho and others and protected the lone base of the konparu school in tokyo .
  2. There were many jikonchi kei shoen in rural areas , in which vast wastelands were defined in order to develop the land with the aid of the kokuga under the ritsuryo code , while , in the kinai region (provinces surrounding kyoto and nara ), there were many kikonchi ke shoen , which were collected through purchase , exchange , transfer , and donation of well-cultivated rice fields called konata .
  3. The " intoku taiheiki ," a historical document written by an author biased toward the mori , maintains that yukimori defeated shinagawa with the aid of iorinosuke akiage , though shinagawa had battled yukimori into a corner and had the advantage; whereas , the " unyogun jitsuki " written by an author biased toward the amago , maintains that yukimori slew shinagawa in a fair combat and in an admirable manner .
  4. On the other hand , there was a tendency that samurai , even after the bakufu judged in the lawsuit over the right of fief , which was called shomusata (trial dealing with land-related issues ), not necessarily followed the bakufu ' s judgment but tried to keep their right to manage the territory using their force with the aid of the customary practice of self-help which had been approved in the society at that time .
  5. The amago remnant corps (a group of retainers set adrift by the downfall of the amago clan ), including hisatsuna tachihara , masamitsu yokoji , ushio danjo no jo ( " danjo no jo " derives from a judicial post called , " jo ," the equivalent of a judge , in the " danjo ," the ministry of justice ), kurodo mitoya (三刀屋蔵人 ), and jinkuro endo , relied on kakiya harima no kami (the foregoing " harima no kami " refers to the governor of harima province ), who was the chief retainer of toyosuke yamana , to make their passage through tajima province , and then took refuge in oki with the aid of yamatonosuke nasa .


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