(acting) romantic lead 意味

  • (acting) romantic lead
  • romantic:    romantic adj. ロマンチックな.【副詞】He is excessively romantic.過度にロマンチックな男だincurably romanticどうしようもなくロマンチックなThe full moon low in the sky and the fragrance of frangipani created an irresistibly romantic settin
  • acting:    acting n. 俳優業; 演技; 見せかけ.【動詞+】She chose acting as a career.一生の仕事として女優の道を選んだI did a lot of acting at university .大学ではいろんな芝居に出たplay actingふりをするStop all this acting and be serious.ふざけるのはやめて真剣になれ.【形容詞 名詞
  • acting on:    ~に従って


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