(character) dictionary 意味



  1. "(ceremonial) bow used to drive off evil" 意味
  2. "(ceremonious) exchange of engagement gifts" 意味
  3. "(ceremony of) driving out evil spirits" 意味
  4. "(cerise) cherry" 意味
  5. "(certified public) accountant" 意味
  6. "(charge) for this month" 意味
  7. "(charging with) gunpowder" 意味
  8. "(chem) suspension" 意味
  9. "(chem.) dialysis" 意味
  10. "(cerise) cherry" 意味
  11. "(certified public) accountant" 意味
  12. "(charge) for this month" 意味
  13. "(charging with) gunpowder" 意味

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