(classical) minister of the left 意味

  • (classical) Minister of the Left
  • minister of the left:    左大臣{さだいじん}
  • classical:    classical adj. 古典の, 古典風の.【副詞】The design of the building was chastely classical.その建物の設計は簡素な古典調だった.【+前置詞】He is very classical in his tastes.とても古典趣味だ.
  • minister:    1minister n.(1) (イギリス 日本などの)大臣, 長官; 公使 《ambassador の次位》.【動詞+】accredit a minister to a foreign government公使に信任状を授けて外国へ派遣するappoint a new minister新大臣を任命するchoose a new prime minister新しい首相を選ぶdismiss a mi


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